yard burials

collaborative collage poems by Hannah McCormick & Erin Moran

let’s play mercy —
i used to think i wasn’t even able.
half-woman, half-girl, we were
creatures who say things we never thought
to have said; we were children playing
with children in a wide field of flowers.

can 100 feet bring you closer to heaven? 
it was so bright, chasing the dog 
around the pool, either dying or half-dead. 
they said the yard is a bad place. 
i said that’s where some things just have to go.
i never take my shoes off in case i have to run.


with too many rocks to swim &
the day running like blood i said yes. 
just a girl but i was also Something Else:
the old house, soaked marigold.
in the reflection of the river where we
watched her car speed through gravel.

nothing in my life has been this much:
her overlapping front teeth and her
hands and their quiet work/the veins in my 
eyelids and the spaces in my spine.

Hannah McCormick is a poet from South Carolina. Find her on Tumblr or Instagram. Erin Moran is a poet and journalist based in Philadelphia. Find her on Instagram or online at ernmrn.com.