Rain, rain go away! Come again another day!

If you listen close enough… you can tell a summer sun-shower from a mid-winter monsoon. Regardless of intensity. It is less of how the audio comes into my ears and more about how it reverberates in my arms. A summer storm comes through as a light tingle from my wrists to my fingertips. The winter wet stuff elicits goosebumps in anticipation of a dark sky in the middle of the day. In the fall, this gap is bridged by sounds that play a sensory game of monkey in the middle with my heart as the ball and my head as the “monkey”. Constantly bouncing between soft light and hard shadow.

I’ve been listening to rain sounds on repeat to read, to relax, to sleep, and to pass the time. There are thousands of rainstorms dampening the online ether and even countless more leaving my mind soggy. Rain is the perfect soundtrack for the cocktail of nostalgia from comes from laying in your childhood bed room as each day gets colder and darker. The evolution of our feelings towards rain as we age is just like how each year our sense of home shifts away from the place we were raised.

As a child, rain is an opportunity to play.

To run shirtless through nature’s sprinkler!

To splash around in puddles!

To ride in your mom’s car and hydroplane safely to the grocery store!

As an adult, rain is a responsibility.

To have to wear a coat.

To have to remember an umbrella.

To have to scrape mud off your shoes.

Gentle evening drizzle, Amazon jungle showers, and Dark and fierce thunderstorms echo in my ears as the clock falls back and my thoughts fall dark. I ache for the artificial storm clouds to give a gloomy day a reason. I crave the crackle of thunder on my drive home in my 2005 Hyundai. I seek out the dark drizzle as the leaves change like a child seeks out his favorite blanket. The tears of another day rolling down my windshield as I drive with dry eyes.

Rain, rain go away! Come again another day!

Andrew Drake (he/him) is an accountant by day and an aspiring Dad Joke philosopher by night. He is a future pug owner and a forever lover of books